Jake Szufnarowski, the owner of the infamous New York-based concert promotion company Rocks-Off, has teamed up with John Joseph of the legendary punk band Cro-Mags to offer up a much-deserved series of walking tours through New York City. The tours, including The History Of Art, Crime, Drugs And Punk Rock On The Lower East Side and The Past, Present And Future of Rock And Roll In New York City celebrate the punk rock revolution that once conquered the streets of the lower Manhattan. As first hand witnesses to the punk scene in New York, Szufnarowski and Joseph provide direct insight into the raw history of the artistic uprising as well as the current state of the musical ideology that is punk rock around New York City.

The content of the tours begins in the late 1970s, covering the history of notorious venues like CBGB with additional useful information like “how to properly go #2 in the CBGB bathroom.” Of course it’s not all history, as the tours also include stops where the music still thrives, including the Cake Shop and Arlene’s Grocery. Tours are given weekly from Thursday to Sunday, starting this week and run through until mid-August.