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L.A.’s famed Hollywood Bowl opened its doors for picnickers almost three hours before opener Zhala’s set. But somehow it still took at least 30 minutes per person to get their tickets at will-call and their butts into seats, causing many people to miss not only Zhala but the start of Royksopp’s set, keeping the crowd mostly seated or straggling until Robyn hit the stage. There were a few people dancing for Royksopp, including a group of guys in neon and girls in rave gear coincidentally seated in boxes next to each other. Although later on in the evening the Norweigan duo would perform a collaborative set with Robyn, the female vocals for their initial performance was provided by Susanne Sundfor. Sundfor may not have had the stage presence for such a large venue, but she made up for that with the quality of her vocals and ability to mimic the haunting voice of Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray) who has performed on many of Royksopp’s recordings. Svein Berge had a lot of fun on stage running along the barricade that blocked the stage pool from the garden boxes and dancing for a table of women seated in the pool section against the stage.
Right as the sun was setting, Robyn took the stage for her solo set, and as soon as her mouth opened and the lasers began to shine, everyone was on their feet dancing. Robyn was wearing a vest adorned with both a hood and the buckles of a flotation device. She also rocked knee pad leg warmers with pockets and her signature platform sneakers. The crowd went crazy as she shook her booty in the faces of the pool circle. She then debuted two new songs, Love Is Free and Set Me Free, and you can check those songs out via the low quality YouTube videos that’ve been popping up all over the internet. While singing Somebody New, she grinded at the audience before dramatically falling to the stage and crawling across it. If there was any doubt to the fact that she had the audience eating out of her hand it soon evaporated when a minute into Dancing On My Own. Robyn stopped singing to let the crowd shout the lyrics of the song’s first chorus as she turned around and wrapped her arms around her body to simulate making out with herself as tweenage boys have done for decades.
For Robyn and Royksopp’s joint set, Robyn came out on a platform in front of the two Norwegians in a giant silver sparkling jacket with a puffed up collar that went half a foot above her head. She then got in a crabwalk position and for almost the entirety of Say It, thrusting against the air as if she was having sex with a ghost, thus proving she must be a pilates master with how much core strength she needed to keep up three-plus minutes of continuous, on the beat thrusting. After building up that sweat, Robyn threw off her jacket in order to reveal a silver sequin dress that complimented the Metalic hoods Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland had on for this final set of the evening. Soon Berge swooped down from his perch above to fly alongside Robyn, the two dancing around the stage and pool barricade as they grabbed the hands of fans. The trio finished their set with the tour’s titular song, Do It Again, at the end of which streamers rained down on the Hollywood Bowl. The evening concluded with a single song encore of None Of Dem.
Aside from Zhala’s 22-minute performance, all the sets were 45 minutes each and streamed into each other without any breaks, meaning that there was a little over two hours worth of Robyn and Royksopp—but that wasn’t enough for most. Leaving the venue there was a constant echo of how much people didn’t want the show to end.
Photos by Annie Lesser.