Robert Pollard, the ridiculously prolific founder of Guided By Voices, has announced that he will release a new solo LP, titled Lord Of The Birdhouse. Hot off the heels of the wildly successful Guided By Voices reunion tour, which is still doing rounds at several summer festivals, the album will be released June 7 on Guided By Voices Inc.

Pollard has defied industry norms by continuing to pursue new music and ideas even after the breakup of his most successful project. His newest record is no different—rather than using a conventional songwriting process, Pollard took several of his own previously written poems and transformed them into music. The result is an album full of surreal lyrics and relaxed tempos.

Tracklist For Lord Of The Birdhouse:
01. Smashed Middle Finger
02. Aspersion
03. Dunce Codex
04. Garden Smarm
05. You Can’t Challenge Forward Progress
06. In A Circle
07. You Sold Me Quickly
08. The Focus (Burning)
09. Ribbon Of Fat
10. Silence Before Violence
11. Holy Fire
12. Ash Ript Telecopter