Riot Fest 2014 Chicago lineup

Wow, it seems like just last week that Riot Fest was just a little punk party in Chicago. Well, that was a decade ago when the festival began, but it’s since expanded to three cities, and the lineups are, if not exactly punk, pretty dang impressive, packed with oldies and newbies, an allotment of reunions, and other surprises. Many of the bands play all three locales, like The Cure and The National, but fear not, there are tons of acts playing all three.
Riot Fest & Expo in Toronto is September 6-7 at Downsview Park. Riot Fest and Carnival in Chicago is September 12-14 at Humboldt Park, will include over 100 artists and a panel discussion with members of Pussy Riot. And Riot Fest & Sideshow in Denver is September 19-21 at May Farms, and will add in camping options and amuzement rides. Start counting up those frequent flier miles!
You can check out all three Riot Fest lineups here.