Rilo Kiley has announced plans to release a new album of unreleased songs, demos and b-sides. The album, titled RKives, will be available April 2 via Little Record Company, a label owned by the group’s bassist, Pierre De Reeder. Check out the tracklist below and the video of RKives track “The Frug,” which was featured on the soundtrack of that 1998 Christina Ricci movie best left forgotten, Desert Blue.

Tracklist For RKives:
01. Let Me Back In *
02. It’ll Get You There *
03. Runnin’ Around *
04. All The Drugs *
05. Bury, Bury, Bury Another *
06. Well, You Left *
07. Draggin’ Around
08. I Remember You
09. Dejalo (Zondo Remix Feat. Too $hort)
10. A Town Called Luckey
11. Emotional
12. American Wife
13. Patiently
14. Rest Of My Life (demo) *
15. About The Moon
16. The Frug
*Denotes previously unreleased material