There is so much going on this week that I’ve started making a list of priorities. On today’s list I remembered to include food. Sometimes towards the end of the day I penciled in that whole bathroom thing. Sooner or later I’ll have to figure out where sleep fits in the plan. But right now it’s about panels, films, meeting people and, of course, bands. Day two was spent running around NYU’s Kimmel Center juggling a remarkable list of guest speakers and “did you see who was just here” whispers. Nighttime fell and the clubs started to open up to badges. As capacity limits were met, more and more badge holders wandered into showcases for what very well could be the next big thing. And for those lucky few that were able to secure entry, Daft Punk was seen taking the stage for Phoenix’s encore performance of “1901″ at Madison Square Garden.

Sleep, you are my mortal enemy and I shall battle you until the very end.


CMJ Sleep Slayer