The Moose in his natural habitat. Photo by Marisa.

Our very own Rev. Moose has left the offices of CMJ to become general manager of the Syndicate. The long-running vice president of content with a reputation as sculpted as his facial hair, Moose joined CMJ Network nearly six years ago after leaving the Syndicate, a world-renowned marketing agency out of Weehawken, NJ. Now he is back as general manager, in charge of operations and staff.

The Syndicate, which has been in business for around 12 years, is involved in radio marketing and has clients like Astralwerks, Comedy Central and Red Bull. “I’m happy that I get to work with people that are striving towards something that’s good for artists, for brands, for companies, for record labels,” Moose tells CMJ over the phone. “I was a part of the Syndicate almost right after I graduated college. The company’s been very good to me, and I intend on being good to it in return.”

We wish you the best, Moose!