Although 19 years have passed since the Manchester-based label Factory Records shut down production, the label’s all-stars will hit shelves on October 11 in a compilation album via Strut. FAC. DANCE, a collection of rare Factory releases compiled by Bill Brewster of, features two discs of 12″ cuts by the likes of New Order, Section 25, A Certain Ratio and other Factory artists in an assemblage that spans the label’s genre-hopping history. According to the official press release, FAC. DANCE includes Latin jazz-funk fusion, reggae, post-punk, “cool British soul” and “avant-garde mutant funk blast” tracks. One rare cut by Shark Vegas, “Pretenders Of Love,” is available for streaming below before the album drops next week.
Shark Vegas- Pretenders Of Love (FAC. DANCE) by Strut
FAC. DANCE omits output by Factory’s most well-known group, Joy Division, aiming its focus on the electronic club music the label produced in the 1980s. After Joy Division transformed into New Order upon the death of its vocalist, Ian Curtis, Factory turned its attention to dance music, enlisting producer Arthur Baker to bring the expertise he garnered working with Afrika Bambaataa to New Order’s records and pioneering the 1980s U.K. club scene. The label even opened its own club, Hacienda, where it fostered the growth of acid house, and Factory also launched its own unique cataloging system that kept track of every expense from flyers to co-founder Tony Wilson’s coffin in 2007.
Strut’s upcoming release also features three digital bonus tracks in addition to the 22 cuts of the double album. Check below for the complete tracklist.
Tracklist For FAC. DANCE:
Side A
01. “Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)” – Section 25
02. “Wild Party” – A Certain Ratio
03. “Love Tempo” – Quando Quango
04. “Express” – 52nd Street
05. “Little Voices” – Swamp Children
06. “Boss Toyota Trouble” – Biting Tongues
07. “For Belgian Friends (Valuable Passages Version)” – The Durutti Column
08. “Art On” – Royal Family And The Poor
09. “Knife Slits Water (12-Inch Version)” – A Certain Ratio
10. “Dirty Disco” – Section 25
11. “Puppeteer” – Blurt
12. “See Them-A-Come” – X-O-Dus
Side B
01. “Confusion (Original 12-Inch Mix)” – New Order
02. “Pretenders Of Love” – Shark Vegas
03. “Cool As Ice (Jellybean Mix)” – 52nd Street
04. “Act On Instinct (Hot Swedish Mix)” – Streetlife
05. “Salvation! (Nitromix)” – The Hood
06. “Smiling Monarchs” – Abecedarians
07. “Atom Rock” – Quando Quango
08. “Genius” – Quando Quango
09. “You’ve Got Me Beat” – Swamp Children
10. “Madeleine” – The Durutti Column
Digital Bonus Tracks
01. “Time” – Minny Pops
02. “Black Water” – Kalima
03. “Motherland” – Royal Family And The Poor