Zach Rogue, the frontman of Rogue Wave, steps out of the group setting on his solo project, Release The Sunbird, delivering low-key and soulful tracks that weave pleasant acoustic guitar melodies with soft percussion. It’s an album that takes Rogue away from the familiar efforts with Rogue Wave as it harbors eloquent and delicate melodies that pioneer a soft-spoken but and delightful album.

The energy starts off stronger in the beginning and mellows out throughout the album, ending on a calm note. With 13 songs falling into this track, it is understandable why some listeners might fade out somewhere in the middle of the album, but that is not to say that any of the songs are fillers. Some of the more notable songs occur around the middle of the album, sandwiched between poppy energy and relaxing nostalgia.

Opening track “It’s All Around You” bursts with melodic energy, and when Rogue’s vocals join in they add a pleasant layer to the already heavily layered track. The highlight of the album comes early with “Always Like The Son,” a song that transcends the rest of the album’s beauty with each note. It’s not merry and effervescent like many other songs on the album; it holds a tinge of longing and confidence so beautifully written by Rogue that you’ll wonder where this feeling disappears to once the song ends.