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Regina Spektor came on stage to screams as she started her two-hour performance by singing “Ain’t No Cover” a capella. She sat down at her piano, giggling as she said, “We’re in a magical forest full of magical people. That’s all you really need, a forest full of cool fucking people!” That wasn’t the last of Spektor’s profanities, but for every time she probably needed to put a nickel in a swear jar there were dozens of people screaming, “I LOVE YOU REGINA!” The whole show was marked by an intense affection being projected from the audience onto the performer. To which Regina consistently thanked Los Angeles profusely, saying how much she loved the city.
“There was a huge bug who flew into a very dangerous situation on the piano, and I think I killed it! Fuck, that’s bad karma,” said Regina after playing “Patron Saint,” admitting it wasn’t really saintly of her. “If I were a monk I would have stopped playing.” Pointing out she isn’t a man of the cloth but a New Yorker, she brought up the fact that it was her family’s 23rd anniversary of coming to America, and she was celebrating it in the best possible fashion, “In a magical forest of nice people.” Flattery will get you everywhere, because the entire Greek forgave her for killing the bug and thanked her for being there.
As the evening went on people yelled requests, to which Regina replied, “You guys, I was professional and made a set list!” She also said she was sorry that half the audience had to look at her back when she was on her piano, explaining that she had been trying to figure out how to put herself on a rotating stage without puking, before joking that she needed a keytar, which half the audience took very seriously, encouraging her to purchase one.
For her encore Spektor received multiple standing ovations, as everyone finally stopped whispering their sing alongs, and belted out the lyrics to “Us,” “Fidelity,” “Hotel Song,” and (finally) “Samson.” To the applause and love the audience gave her Regina had a simple response, “You’re amazing! FUCK!”
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