Red Bull Music Academy has announced that its annual workshop and seminar for 2011 is set to take in Madrid, Spain and plans to leave the city with a new cultural hub. The exact location of the event will be in the Matadero, or slaughterhouse section of the city. The buildings have not been in operation for a while now but are regarded as architectural beauties, a quality that Red Bull Music Academy has shown in the past to be a locational deciding factor.

The festivities in Spain will mark the Academy’s fourteenth year. Originally founded as a method of fostering underground dance music culture, it has since grown into an all encompassing musical event. Two groups of 30 participants are given the opportunity to receive lectures from industry specialists, take part in hands-on studio time, play local hot spots and interact and network with other up and comers in the industry. The participants are chosen from an applicant pool of DJs, MCs, vocalists, producers, arrangers, composers, instrumentalists and any other position you could possibly think in today’s expanding, global music scene. Flying Lotus, Onra and Hudson Mohawke are amongst some of RBMA’s notable participants.

The company worked with Madrid’s Department Of The Arts and has set the location up in a way that it will live on as a cultural hub for the city long after this year’s edition ends. The academy will be setting up shop in the space this year from October 23 to November 25 for its annual workshop.

On the academy’s website, its founders express how difficult it has been to cancel their original plan to hold this year’s festivities in Japan. The academy was apparently deep into the process of setting up this year’s edition in Tokyo, however, due to the tragic events that took place last month, many people including applicants, speakers and coordinators saw that going forward was not possible and figured it was best to withdraw from the region until things were deemed safer. The group says it will stay involved in the area’s music scenes and plans to eventually return to the area for a future installment soon.