Last winter, just as he stood on the verge of making a full national break through, Jay Reatard, aka Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., died mysteriously while sleeping in his Memphis home. Over a year later, the garage-rock king’s posthumous releases are beginning to come out, starting with a deluxe double reissue of Teenage Hate and Fuck Elvis Here’s the Reatards. The album’s original home, Goner, will be releasing the super-packed discs and LPs on May 31.

Prior to now, Fuck Elvis Here’s The Reatards had only been released on cassette, after Jay had recorded the album himself on 4-track tape—too legit to quit. Included in the tracks are covers of Fear, the Dead Boys, Lil Bunnies, Buddy Holly, Johnny Vomit And The Dry Heaves, and the Beatles. Teenage Hate tracks run 1-18, and Fuck Elvis Here’s The Reatards runs 19-39. It’s safe to predict that more reissues from the prolific punk god will be happening in the near future

Tracklist For Teenage Hate/Fuck Elvis Here’s The Reatards:
01. I’m So Gone
02. Stacye
03. I Love Living
04. When I Get Mad
05. C’Mon Over
06. Out Of My Head, Into My Bed
07. You Fucked Up My Dreams
08. It Ain’t Me
09. Down In Flames
10. I Gotta Rock N’ Roll
11. Memphis Blues
12. Quite All Right
13. Fashion Victim
14. Old News Baby
15. Not Good Enough For You
16. Ollie V.
17. Not Your Man
18. I Can Live Without You
19. Black September
20. Chuck Taylor’s All Star Blues
21. I Lie To
22. Memphis Blues
23. On The Go
24. Give It To Me
25. Carot Belly Bunny Blues
26. You Build Me Up Just To Bust Me Back Down
27. You’re the One
28. When I Get Mad
29. Get The Fuck Outta My House
30. You Build Me Up Just To Bust Me Back Down
31. You Ain’t No Fun No MO
32. I Lie To
33. Give It To Me
34. C’Mon Over
35. Not Your Man
36. Your Old News Baby
37. Crazy Man
38. Action Woman
39. I’m Down