We’ve all heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood: girl meets wolf, girl gets gobbled up (along with grandma, no less), hunter comes along and chops wolf to bits. In the new (and animated!) video for “Me And Mr. Wolf,” London’s finest crew of idiosyncratic indie-poppers, the Real Tuesday Weld, tells a new version of the familiar tale—one where Little Red is a femme fatale clad in scanty negligee, Mr. Wolf is a randy drunkard and the whole thing goes down in a blood-spattered town reminiscent of 1930s Hollywood.
“Me And Mr. Wolf” is the latest single from the Real Tuesday Weld’s July LP, The Last Werewolf—the soundtrack to Glen Duncan’s novel of the same name. The track, like the album, is a delightful blend of genres, spanning everything from jazz to ’60s pop to modern folk, with touches of accordion and violin added for dramatic measure.
As an added bonus, you can download “Me And Mr. Wolf” for free here. All the better to listen to, my dear.