Luke Jenner of the Rapture may have just solved both the sanitation and transportation problems in New York City. In the band’s new video, the first in five years, Jenner harnesses the power of a large, floating, mylar pillow. Not only does it provide (reasonably) safe transportation, it doubles as a street sweeper/leaf blower. And all at no cost to the environment. “Sail Away” is the single for the Rapture’s September release, In The Grace Of Your Love. The video and song are lighthearted, packed with synth swells and Jenner’s voice bursting with energy. Bandmates Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi back Jenner on conch shell and goat
horn, obviously.
There’s also a remix competition for the song. Submit your remix by December 5 for a chance to win some cool stuff. Three runners-up will get signed copies of In The Grace Of Your Love, and grand prize is a one-year SoundCloud Pro account. The top five picks will get played live on a White Out Sessions broadcast with experts and real-time Twitter voters weighing in on the tracks.
The band is now wrapping a European tour this month and will head back overseas in 2012 for dates in Japan and Australia. Check them out below.
Tour Dates For The Rapture:
02/27 – Osaka, Japan – Akaso
02/28 – Tokyo, Japan – Liquid Room
02/29 – Tokyo, Japan – Duo Music Exchange
03/03 – Brisbane, Australia – Future Music Festival
03/04 – Perth, Australia – Future Music Festival
03/10 – Sydney, Australia – Future Music Festival
03/11 – Melbourne, Australia – Future Music Festival
03/12 – Adelaide, Australia – Future Music Festival