With little fanfare (the way the band members seem to like it), Radiohead has released a new music video to coincide with the release of its latest album, King Of Limbs. The band’s first new work since the critically acclaimed In Rainbows, King Of Limbs has quickly become one of the most talked-about albums of 2011—despite its short lead time of less than a week.

The video for “Lotus Flower” features singer Thom Yorke dancing in a dark room by himself. Wearing a bowler hat and white shirt reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, he moves his arms and legs in bizarre, disjointed patterns that are jarring to watch. At times the video almost seems more like a celebration of interpretive dance rather than the visual accompaniment to a song. The frenetic motions don’t match the slow-building momentum of the tune, or its contemplative lyrics, but ultimately the choreography is appropriate for an album called King Of Limbs. If anything, it proves that Radiohead is still as innovative (and limber) as ever.