RTRFM Station Manager Adam Trainer

RTRFM Station Manager Adam Trainer

While Perth, Australia, is the most isolated capital city in the world, RTRFM has been keeping its citizens musically connected since 1977. As the city’s first FM radio station, RTR has been successful in keeping its focus local while broadening its scope globally. “RTRFM plays more local music and includes more local content than any other broadcaster,” brags Music Director Adam Trainer. Here, Trainer helps shed some light on one of CMJ’s very first non-North American radio reporters.

What sets RTR apart from other stations?

RTR sets itself apart from other stations through its diversity in programming, its focus on independent and underground music and its strong support for local artists. RTRFM plays music across a huge range of styles, with 49 different programs featuring everything from the latest underground dance music to tunes from the 1930s and 1940s, to programming dedicated specifically to local music. RTR is also dedicated to playing music that just isn’t played anywhere else– music from independent labels, unsigned artists and music from deep underground.

What is the station’s philosophy when it comes to music programming?

RTR’s tagline is “the sound alternative,” and we endeavor to provide a credible, reliable and cutting-edge approach to our music programming. [We offer] audiences an edgy and exciting alternative to both mainstream media, generally, and the bland predictability of commercial radio. We don’t playlist, instead we rely on dedicated presenters who are experts in their specific genres and are committed to finding the latest, greatest and most interesting music that excites them and, hopefully, also excites our audience.

RTR is one of the first non-North American CMJ station reporters. How do you feel about that?

We’re particularly proud of that fact. RTR has always been held in high regard in terms of the community radio landscape in Australia, but to be chosen to represent Australian community radio and also to promote West Australian music to a wider global audience is a huge honor, as we truly believe in what we do and feel that we have something to offer not only local audiences, but anyone interested in great underground and independent music.

How can people tune into RTR and get in touch with you guys?

We’re located online at www.rtrfm.com.au with both live-streaming and podcasting facilities. [We] are also available on Facebook and Twitter @rtrfm. We also love receiving emails from our listeners, and can be reached at studio@rtrfm.com.au.