Heavy metal gods Queensrÿche officially announced the existence of Dedicated To Chaos, the group’s upcoming, twelfth full-length studio album. About a month ago, the band teased fans by posting pictures of its members in the studio, saying an album was being finished but left no further details. Actually, a lot of the details still remain unknown, including the album’s exact release date, track list, upcoming singles and following tour. Frontman Geoff Tate was quoted on the band’s website saying, “headphones are a must,” for the album, possibly offering a small insight into what will be going on sonically.

This album marks the group’s 30th anniversary in the music industry. Back in 1988, the group dropped a classic metal concept album on the world with Operation: Mindcrime. In 2006, the group returned with the sequel Operation: Mindcrime II. This of course meant that the group had to perform the two back-to-back in an epic theatrical event throughout the following summer on tour. Though the exact announcement for the group’s tour for Dedicated To Chaos hasn’t happened yet, the group will be hitting Europe this summer, opening up for Judas Priest. A guaranteed event for any metal-head out there. Further details are available on the band’s website.