Copenhagen native Robin Hannibal (Quadron, Boom Clap Bachelors) released his first solo EP, Bobby (Plug Research), a few months back and he has now released a video for his song “Amends.” Having teamed up to form many successful musical collaborations, Hannibal’s group efforts have even inspired the likes of Pharrell and Questlove. This time around, however, Hannibal is enjoying his more personal individual effort which that includes starring in his new video, as well as creating the story line for it.[/vimeo]
A stark contrast of black and white makes the video innately romantic as Hannibal pensively saunters about while looking classy in a crisp suit with a bright white shirt, black bow tie and a black suit jacket slung effortlessly over his shoulder. . Walking across a beach, and sitting on a bench for a short time, Hannibal’s character appears to come to some kind of decision as he gets up and leaves the beach area, picking up a balloon at a store and bringing it to a woman’s apartment. Whether it’s an apology balloon or just an I’m-thinking-of-you balloon, it’s just what the woman is looking for as she opens her door smiling. Flowers are so out this year; Hannibal clearly knows that a balloon is the best way to win a girl’s affection.
Look out for an upcoming Quadron album sometime in 2012 for more of Hannibal’s well-known collaborative work with Quadron’s other half, Coco O.
Tracklist for Bobby [EP]:
01. Move
02. Plastic
03. Amends
04. Voltaire
05. Transit
06. Pain
07. Sneak Preview