Many of you thought this day would never come, but here we are folks in the midst of a musical miracle. The true definition of a lagger, founder Dan Storper has finally decided to take his record label Putumayo World Music digital. He has been a dedicated supporter of distributing music the original way, willing to make the switch from vinyl to CD as long as the product was tangible and remained unshaken when the digital wave began to take over.
It wasn’t peer pressure that led Storper to make this decision—it was more personal than that. Wanting his audience to receive the music they adore in an easier fashion had a lot to do with it, but understanding that the music business is a business allowed him to take the plunge that will modernize the label. But this is just a test.
As New York Times reports, Putumayo released its first two digital albums, African Beat and Latin Beat, today through select online retailers and its website. Staying true to the label’s roots, the albums will also be available in all the usual places; record stores and selected boutiques and shops. But before you get too excited, do not expect to stock up on past albums digitally, as they will only be available physically.
There is only one downside to Putumayo’s digital revolution—the label is known for its beautiful album covers, but to appease the short attention span of digital downloaders, the mp3 version of these albums and future albums will not have the same cover art (because let’s face it: you are barely looking at them). We know, we know, but what’s life without sacrifice?