If you are a stranger to what real Tennessee rock ‘n’ roll sounds like, Daniel Pujol will most certainly fill you in. Pujol has been playing his brand of Southern garage rock and releasing tracks to much acclaim for quite some time now. His new EP, Nasty, Brutish And Short, is no different than his past successes. Rightly named, this Saddle Creek release is 18 minutes of raw, unadulterated garage punk.
The album starts off right, with the band’s energy and aggression and Pujol’s addictive songwriting style in “Mayday.” Seriously though, addictive is an understatement. These toe-tapping jams are hard to get out of your head. “Stuff” is another one of those head-bobbing sing-alongs and has one of the catchiest riffs I have ever heard. “Battles” is an example of Pujol’s Southern roots and country influences as the music slows down and he sings about the battles we all face. Pujol knows exactly how to mesh the emotions of everyday life with the good times of catchy rock ‘n’ roll.

Nasty, Brutish And Short was recorded and produced while the singer-songwriter and his band were in and out of the studio, touring, attending school and living life. Pujol has said that the album reflects the narrative of that time in his life, and though this is a short read, it’s a content-filled page-turner.