Photo by Corey Towers

Prince Rama, the sexy only-in-Brooklyn sister act constructed by Taraka and Nimei Larson, has announced its fifth studio album Trust Now will be released October 4 via Animal Collective‘s label Paw Tracks. The music sha(wo)men recorded the album with producer Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Arcade Fire) in an old church, and together mixed all the essential ingredients for another truly mind-melting neo-psychedelic collection of American Apparel chant-rock.

By growing up on a Hare Krishna farm in Florida, going to art school in Boston, and moving to Brooklyn, the Larson sisters have the potential to produce the hippest six-track record ever to transcend the inner frequencies of the unenlightened human mind—or at least since 2008. After all, the Larson sisters told CMJ that they have recently “been pretty inspired by a lot of ’70s and ’80s German dark wave and Italo disco combined with Bollywood film tracks,” all of which are leagues more hip and psychedelic than witch house. If past Prince Rama records are any indication, Trust Now has something to do with crazy drawings, utopia, call-and-response chants with lots of drums and bells,and no drugs at all. What more could one ask for?

However, ex-bandmate Michael Collins took a hiatus from the group, so the Larsons have moved on from visual logarithmic breakdowns of the universe and made changes to their sound and energy; the sisters told CMJ their upcoming album uses “deep bass, gamelan, chimes, and synth sparkles” to explore “being dangerous.” As a result, their emotional juju is “more focused, cohesive, urgent, and spooky.” Without Collins, “the energy is totally different,” they said. “We’ve become more psychically connected with each other when we play.”

Taraka and Nimei are currently on tour in Europe. Hopefully, when they return to their home-planet hideout in Brooklyn they will continue to host eight-hour-long “group exorcisms” to old VHS workout tapes as artist-in-residence at the Issue Project Room.

View CMJ TV’s interview with Prince Rama during last year’s CMJ Music Marathon below.

Tracklist For Trust Now:
01. Rest In Peace
02. Summer of Love
03. Trust
04. Portaling
05. Incarnation
06. Golden Silence