You probably couldn’t look more metal than Priestess if you tried. At last night’s gig at Mercury Lounge, the Montreal foursome brought their long flowing hair, heavy beards and power axes along for a wild 30 minute set. However, you’d be hard pressed to find many bands that sound like Priestess; their blazing solos and fierce drumming (that drew great support from the crowd, including one female patron who shouted, “that drummer is a baaaaaad motherfucker!”) combined with some melodic riffs and funky bass lines.

Highlight of the night was the band’s most famous song “Lay Down,” which was featured in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. It seemed that everyone in the crowd was singing along with Mikey Heppner and co., as the song chugged along to its deliciously arranged solo. Headbanging was mixed with some (slightly drunken) dancing in a way not often seen at a “metal” show, proving that looks simply aren’t everything. As the last notes blasted from the amps, and guitarist Dan Watchorn flailed his hair around like a helicopter blade for the final time, Priestess received some loud cheers and, rightly so, more than a few cries for one more song.