Photo by Zuzana Hudackova

Toronto five-piece the Wilderness Of Manitoba looks at the world through sepia-toned glasses. Or at least that’s what the collective’s track “Orono Park”—a preview to the group’s upcoming release When You Left The Fire (tinyOGRE)—seems to suggest.

A combination of light vocal harmonies and acoustic instrumentation, “Orono Park” tells the story of waiting for a love unconditionally through any obstacle that may present itself. The vocals of Scott Bouwmeester, Will Whitwham, Melissa Dalton and Stefan Banjevic lead off with an a capella chorus of “woo’s” before breaking into a warm accompaniment of banjo and acoustic guitar.

Each member of the Canadian quintet plays multiple instruments, ranging from acoustic and slide guitars, ukulele, cello, banjo and singing bowls, while four out of five members also lend their vocals to each track. Despite its roots in the urban landscape of Canada’s largest city, the group evokes a rust colored rural feel.

The Wilderness released its debut EP, Hymns Of Love And Spirit last year in the UK and Canada, and is currently preparing to release its US debut, When You Left The Fire on May 10. The group maintains a simple sound in its recordings, as most of its album was recorded in the basement of the members’ house in Toronto.

On March 22, the group will release an advanced digital-only EP Summer Fires featuring the title track, “Orono Park,” and “Native Tongue,” all of which will be included on the May 2011 full-length release. Download Orono Park here, and listen to it below.