Los Angeles Dublab affiliate Matthewdavid has been dancing about the city’s beat-centric community in an entirely unassuming way for a period long enough for his name to be at least vaguely familiar. It seems that that’s the way he prefers things, as not even his trusty bio (written by softly spoken cohort Frosty of Dublab) nor the internet at large harbors that much in terms of background information.

So as per what we presume to be his wishes, let his music speak for itself: Outmind is the producer’s forthcoming LP to be released April 19 via Brainfeeder. It seems an appropriate home for the 12-track album, featuring Blank Blue’s Niki Randa as well as label head himself, Flying Lotus, full of soundscapes occasionally stitched together with beats but more often just explorations in sound with no obvious direction. It’s a nice wander though, as Matthewdavid approaches sound from the perspective of building atmosphere rather than purpose. Consider it a forest outlook.

“International (Feat. Dogbite)” below is the fourth track off of Outmind and displays the sort of chugging looseness present throughout most of the album. The reverbed vocals of who we guess is Dogbite anchor everything in the spacey track. Download here, and stream below. The tracklist is also below.

Tracklist For Outmind:

01. Los Angeles Is Beautiful
02. Noche Y Dia/San Raphael
03. Prayers At Bedtime
04. International (Feat. Dogbite)
05. Group Tea (Feat. Flying Lotus)
06. Like You Mean It
07. Epic Swan
08. Floor Music (Feat. Niki Randa)
09. Cucumber-Lime
10. Today, Same Way
11. Being Without You
12. No Need To Worry/Mean Too Much (Suite)