At 19 years old, electro-pop artist Christoph Andersson is producing music that’s both mature and fresh. His sounds come out of the city of New Orleans, which isn’t typically known for its dance scene. If that defiance weren’t bold enough, Andersson also started his own record label, Hurst Recordings, to release his music.

Andersson’s track “Getaway” is the last in a set of three from a four-song EP project that began at the end of 2010. “Getaway,” set for release March 22, is extremely smooth, resembling something that would be heard in an upscale nightclub, but it is inclusive to young audiences as well. Andersson’s vocals glide over minimalist synth beats, and vary between a clear sound and one with more reverb or distortion, all with ambient sonic support. Though more relaxed, the track could easily become one for the dance floor, with a clear influence of accessible international house music in its catchy melody.

The EP project was Andersson’s idea for releasing an album in a new way. Rather than putting out one big EP or album, he decided to release one track at a time, offering two versions of each track. Born and Washington, D.C., and spending the first two years of his life in Germany, Andersson moved to New Orleans as a toddler and grew up under the influence of funk and jazz. A Hurricane Katrina survivor, Andersson has watched the rebuilding of New Orleans and has continued to venture into electro-pop despite the city’s Voodoo Fest eliminating its electronic stage. Though this places his music in the minority, Andersson has benefited from veering from the norm and staying in the city, keeping his music as original as possible without much influence from other artists in the same genre.

Stream “Getaway” below, or download the track here.

Getaway (Out March 22) by Christoph Andersson