Venezuelan ambient pop artist Ezquiel Bartho started going under the name Algodon Egipcio for his side project. Previously in an electronic folk duo called Jovenes y Sexys, Bartho, who goes by Cheky, split off from musical partner Loocila to create Algodon Egipcio, which is Spanish for “Egyptian Cotton.” Cheky, it must be said, has an amazing ‘fro.

The breezy, washy track “El Dia Previo” retains little Latin influence, instead sounding like it was written in Brooklyn and just sung in Spanish. It sounds right in line with the usual, but lacks the airiness that makes so many of those tracks weightless. The percussion and strummed guitars ground Cheky’s breathy vocals and the natural mellifluousness of the Spanish language, which lacks the Teutonic consonants of English. So it’s a pretty great feat that despite sounding atmospheric, “El Dia Previo” is still a down-to-earth song.

Consider the below to be the precursor to Algodon Egipcio’s debut LP, titled La Lucha Constante (meaning “The Constant Fight”), out March 22 via Lefse Records.