Dylan Travis, Brian Kennedy, Tyler Corelitz, and Emery Barter make up Man/Miracle, highlighting the eccentric and creative nature of their hometown Oakland, CA. With their guitars riding heavy delay effects and energetic drum lines accompanying Travis’s reverberant low vocals, M/M connects surf rock to the Bay Area in a way that overcomes the Dick Dale “Misirlou” parody and truly exhibits great musicianship.

It’s been almost exactly one year since the release of Man/Miracle’s debut album, The Shape Of Things, and the guitar-driven quartet hasn’t slowed down a bit. The band’s latest track, “Don’t Waste It,” gives listeners an idea of where this talented group of musicians is headed, as well as a snapshot of what to expect from its upcoming LP to be released this spring.

Once again, Man/Miracle is working with producer Eli Crews (Deerhoof, Beulah) on the upcoming LP. The sound on “Don’t Waste It” shows that Crews really knows what he’s doing with this band. The track enters with a single repeated guitar chord that is quickly joined by drums and eventually layers of bass, guitar, and vocals. These staggered entrances allow the richness of Man/Miracle’s sound to creep up on the listener—sweetening itself until the song’s momentum takes hold.

The Shape Of Things was the first to introduce us to the brilliant clash of early-90’s indie rock, California surf themes and the group’s inherent Oakland flare. And now, “Don’t Waste It” shows that the same concept has room to grow. The band may be transitioning from their introductory joyous and poppy sound into more dark and mysterious one, but this highly anticipated evolution that will certainly be exciting to hear. Download it here, and listen below.