Headless Horseman is a duo composed of Fareed Sajan and Conner O’Neill, out of New York by way of Allentown. The band’s sound can kind of be described as creeping music—that is, music to creep around to. Sajan and O’Neill have clearly internalized the electronic innovations of their contemporaries, but possess a penchant for messing with things that usually are left alone like vocals, tonal structures and basic rhythm.

A great example of this is “1CHRD.” It’s full of cooing falsettos and ridiculous time signatures organized around a one-chord vamp, but there’s no getting around the fact that the song just sounds like some kind of sexy nightmare. It’s cool in cool’s original definition—Miles Davis cool, not “oh brah this is a cool t-shirt” cool. There’s nothing comfortable about it, but cool ain’t comfortable. Which may be indicative of Headless Horseman’s forthcoming LP (with no release date announced yet), on which “1CHRD” will appear.

The band is about to undergo a residency at Pianos in New York, meaning that it’s playing a show at the club every Friday night in February. Oh, and here’s a bit of trivia (and what could be interpreted as a resounding endorsement): Himanshu Suri, aka Hima from Das Racist, manages the band.

Download: Headless Horseman – “1CHRD”