NYC psychedelic garage band Walking Shapes dropped its debut album, Taka Come On, on No Shame last week. Not content to merely drop a few videos here and there, the band has pulled a Beyoncé and created a video for each song on their album. Today, we’re premiering that stream. Rather than separate each track from the next, the visuals blend together creating a dynamic, cinematic experience. The band told us more about the hour-long video:

Director Adam Wallace had been coming to the studio while we were tracking Taka Come On and was shooting photographs that were really capturing the vibe of what was happening. One day after looking at the images we were talking about how his shooting process is an exercise of capturing a feeling or a mood, not so much a narrative.

We decided to go with 8mm and black and white because of the nuances it naturally creates. Adam enlisted a cast of characters, friends from the band’s everyday lives, following around individual members to rehearsals, gigs at places like Baby’s All Right and throughout the city into the depths of subway. To give it that cadence of variance Adam also filmed modern and ballet dancers. We also sent him up in a chopper to give him the eye in the sky (copy that, NSA) view.

In other exciting Walking Shapes news, the band will play 24 shows in 24 hours on April 24. They’ll finish up a U.S. tour on April 23 in Asbury Park, NJ and then head into New York City for a day-long feat of sonic stamina. After one show at Bowery Electric, the band will play 23 more shows at what they call “non-traditional places” throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, like riding Citi bikes down the Williamsburg Bridge. Where else, you ask? Churches? Laundromats? The 6 train? We’ll find out. For now, content yourself with the Taka Come On visual stream and tracklist below.

Tracklist For Taka Come On:
01. Woah Tiger
02. Milo’s Shell
03. Find Me
04. Winter Fell
05. In The Wake
06. Mussolini
07. Let It Will
08. Saturday Song
09. (No)
10. Feel Good
11. Measure For Measure
12. Chinatown
13. The Right Time