Transcontinental hip-hop/krautrock super-group 13 & God has announced the release of its sophomore LP Own Your Ghost for May 17 via Anticon. This will be the group’s first album since its self-titled first album six years ago.

Whether it be fact or folklore, 13 & God apparently came together outside of a broken-down tour bus in the frozen Canadian tundra. The German experimental group the Notwist and Oakland, California’s art-hip-hop collectives Themselves and Subtle apparently gelled during this series of unfortunate events, inspiring the yanks to fly out to Munich for a half month of recording. Many speculated it was a one time deal, however, this second effort confirms the band’s status as a legitimate group instead of one-off side projects for all that are involved. The video for a sneak peak at the song “Armored Scarves” off the upcoming release is below. Check it out for the sweet German accent.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”335″][/vimeo]

Tracklist for Own Your Ghost:
01. Its Own Sun
02. Death Major
03. Armored Scarves
04. Janu Are
05. Old Age
06. Et Tu
07. Death Minor
08. Sure As Debt
09. Beat On Us
10. Unyoung