Angel Haze at CMJ 2012 – Photo by Lesley Keller

Now that was a Marathon! Truth be told, we’re still recovering. But if you’re already feeling nostalgic, you can re-live our favorite moments from 2012’s CMJ Music Marathon.

Part of any recovery process, of course, involves listening to your praises. And part of any good recovery process also involves listening to your detractors. Now that 2012 CMJ Music Marathon has come and gone, we’re lending our ears to you—the intrepid CMJ registrants. Here’s your chance to let us know how you really feel. Be honest; we can take it.

To thank you for your input, we’ll be handing out a pair of CMJ 2013 badges to a randomly selected winner. Good or bad, constructive or brutal, all you have to do is drop us a line here, and you’ll be entered automatically. We take every comment, every bit of feedback quite seriously, so we appreciate your time and cooperation. In the end, you are the reason CMJ exists.

Speak now, though, or forever hold your tongue. The CMJ 2012 survey officially closes Monday, November 19. Take the survey here.

Until next October…