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Upon entering what appeared to be the National Jorts Convention at the backyard of Union Pool in Brooklyn last Saturday, I just knew it was going to be a great show. Not only because Philadelphia’s excellent sludge punks, Pissed Jeans, were going to be bashing through the afternoon, but I had a two-year old drink ticket burning a hole in my pocket! The very reluctant, but friendly, bartender begrudgingly accepted my somehow unused drink ticket, and I was on my way to sitting in the sun and enjoying the show. The patio at Union Pool is somewhat famous for being a Williamsburg meat market, and today was no different, except there was a band playing for a crowd of anxious, jorts enthusiasts. Warming up the stage for Pissed Jeans was another Philly band called Cold Fronts. They played enthusiastic garage pop that sounded like a mixture between Weezer and the Black Lips. One of those bands that ostensibly plays simple, fun, jangly pop, but the guitar players each use 15 different pedals to get that perfect tone. Sweet dude. They must have told the crowd that they were from Philadelphia at least five times. It almost got to the point where it seemed like they were almost apologizing for the fact that they are from Philly. If they should have apologized for anything it’s that while they did indeed seem to have fun, they played a bit too long, and with everyone melting in the heat waiting to see Pissed Jeans.
After a quick set up, Pissed Jeans came onstage and completely changed the tone of the show. The foursome instantly crashed into an ode to NYHC by blowing through Agnostic Front’s Victim in Pain. It was hilarious and totally awesome at the same time. Pissed Jeans is a pretty unique band in the sense that they are able to play fucked up, fuzzy hardcore, be totally nihilistic, and yet funny. Their slumped shoulders say slack effort, but all three musicians play and bobble around with heat equal to Union Pool’s backyard, with drummer Sean McGuinness especially showing effortless, amazing chops. Singer Matt Korvette is a complete oddball and a great frontman. Whether he was making flamboyant poses, dumping his head into a bucket of ice, whipping his head around and sloshing the water all over the first few rows, voguing, or just talking shit, he was in rare form. One highlight of the show was Mr. Korvette assessing every single audience member’s band t-shirt and giving them shit for it. It was a great start to a summer of Union Pool’s free “Summer Thunder” Saturday afternoon shows.
Photos by Daniel Kelley and Odell Nails