Apparently Piney Gir, was forbidden by her sternly religious parents from listening to pop music until she was 14. Well, if that’s true, then consider this our good parenting post for you to pass on to you friend who just had a baby.

Having been raised in rural Kansas, Gir somehow made her way to the UK, presumably without her parents, where she formed a unique vocal style over the last decade, twisting tempered country crooning with a verge-of-quirk indie touch. The music on this latest album goes a little more indie pop too.

For “Oh God You Devil” though, she invokes the title of a long forgotten George Burns movie as a hard-to-miss nod to her upbringing, the music a bracing tumbling drums, spare strings, and robotic harmony mod-pop lullaby. The video’s images of her alone in a dark, innocuous hotel room are a nice visual accompaniment to the questioning lyrics.

“‘Oh God You Devil'” is a song informed by my past,” says Gir. “I was raised in a super religious household and sheltered from secular culture; growing up, I even went to a special Christian school. Eventually I started to question the beliefs I grew up with, and this song kind of sums that up. The video is set in a hotel, there is a kind of purgatory metaphor there. Hotels are places where people are in transit or in limbo, journeying from one place to the next and never really being at home. Newler Films helped make the video, and I think they really captured a sense of surreal isolation, like Twin Peaks meets Lost In Translation.”

“Oh God You Devil” comes from her album mR. hYDE’S wILD rIDE. Apparently her parents forbade her from learning how to capitalize too. It’s out now on GreyDay Records.