Abe Vigoda, Abe Vigoda CMJ, Abe Vigoda Jubilee
This past weekend’s Silver Lake Jubilee was certainly jubilant and with over 35 bands, food trucks galore, cute dogs as far as the eye could see, and perfect high 60s to low 70s weather, what was there not to be happy about? The only real disappointment of the weekend came to Soft Pack fans, when the band started its set 15 minutes early and only played for 35 minutes causing many to miss the set. Unless you consider the fact that the Maine Lobster truck was sold out of their gourmet lobster ice cream the whole festival to be a disappointment.
While nationally recognized groups like Kinky, Aloe Blacc, and Family Of The Year had good sets, this festival really belongs to the smaller local bands. Though Batwings Catwings was not the most technically proficient of the local acts, the band’s fun nature got the crowd riled up despite not having the insane antics of XBXRX, whose loud punk almost drowned out Ben Ehrenreich’s reading at the Pen Center’s literary stage. But for those that really wanted to be loud, local gay bar, Eagle, hosted a side stage with boisterous punk and cover bands like Threeway and the Gay Gays. Chasing Kings’ set was rock magic, causing even the most excited children to stop and look at the stage in awe. While Manhattan Murder Mystery and Abe Vigoda both had good sets, Sunday’s best performance probably goes to Summer Twins whose care free radiance and cute vintage rock sound made its set reminiscent of Zooey Deschanel in She And Him.
Wildcat! Wildcat! was a highlight of Saturday’s sets, but got lost due to the fact that they played early and right before the real artist to remember from the festival: Robert DeLong. DeLong was an 8-bit warrior, seamlessly creating danceable electro beats with his Wii Remote and Sega Genesis controller on par with the Chemical Brothers. In the audience a group of Robert DeLong fans, adorned with his orange neon “X” logo and face paint from the free block party section of the fest, shook their booties with joyous smiles singing along to every beat. Throughout the set they would throw their arms around each other, screaming lyrics, holding their shoulders tight in a cathartic musical hug.
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