Last night was a typical Friday night at Webster Hall as their Girls and Boys party hosted some of the biggest names in electronic music. For CMJ, the AM Only showcase included performances by Tokimonsta , AC Slater , and 12th Planet, as they brought the house down by providing some heavy tunes to satisfy the bass enthusiasts in the audience.
The first performer of the night was Tokimonsta whose set was a departure from not only the stuff she posts online, but also from the opening provided by the Webster Hall house DJs. The music played by Tokimonsta was very heavy in bass with slow booming drums and some aspects of trip-hop. When transitioning between songs, she was able to completely change tempos easily as she looped tracks like “212” by Azealia Banks, “Original Don” by Major Lazer and “Mercy” by Kanye West, with various other samples.
The long awaited performance of the night came from DJ 12th Planet, whose performance began with a special shootout to CMJ. 12th Planet’s set was filled with the typical club songs, but as a great producer and DJ, he was able to make them his own. As far as track samples go, 12th Planet and Tokimosta’s set had a lot of similarities, but it was just in the samples that their sets where similar, not in the sound or style. While both sets were meant to make the audience dance, Tokimonsta’s set was saturated with slow reverberating drums complementing the quick bass. 12th Planet’s set was all about putting the most powerful sounds out there with skill and in the shortest amount of time to alleviate the desires of his many chanting fans.
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