Pharmakon’s cranium ripper Crawling On Bruised Knees off their debut LP Abandon was one of our favorite songs of 2013. We also know they’re capable of putting on esoterically theatrical and muddy live shows. We just weren’t sure what was coming next—until today. The band just announced the follow-up to Abandon, Bestial Burden, which will be out this October via Sacred Bones.
It was inspired by frontwoman Margaret Chardiet’s recent surgery and her resulting peak in body consciousness. In a press release, Chardiet said, “I began to explore the idea of the conscious mind as a stranger inside an autonomous vessel, and the tension that exists between these two versions of the self.” They’re calling Bestial Burden an LP although it appears to be only six tracks long. Check out the disorienting, anatomical and vaguely NSFW album teaser below and the tracklist after that.

Tracklist For Bestial Burden:
01. Vacuum
02. Intent Or Instinct
03. Body Betrays Itself
04. Primitive Struggle
05. Autoimmune
06. Bestial Burden