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Thursday night belonged to Phantogram as they took the stage with White Sea as openers at the Fox Theater in Oakland. The duo, Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, hypnotized the sold-out crowd with its haunting yet soothing indie-pop jams. Fog machines and colored lasers reflected the eerie keyboard hooks, guitar riffs and vocals that Phantogram has been mastering for the past few years.
Now armed with an eclectic library of songs, the duo pulled out hits such as Fall In Love, Don’t Move, Mouthful Of Diamonds and Blackout Days. Their mix of subtle trip-hop beats with a touch of psych-pop easily had the crowd swooning and bobbing their heads in delight. Barthel seduced effortlessly with her ethereal voice. It continues to be amazing to see two-member bands bring so much energy and stage presence to their performances. Within Phantogram, their simple set-up becomes a dreamlike escapade into an elegant nightmare.
Photos and words by Jason Demetillo.