Photo by Annie Lesser

This week marked the start of the Peter Bjorn And John‘s All You Can Eat Tour, where the band will be making its way around the United States, playing mostly small venue shows. Other than just playing more intimate spaces, the band will also be giving free food to fans that follow their city’s Eater blog. On August 25, the band gave out a hundred free meatballs to Chicago fans in Chase Plaza from Meatballys Mobile food truck.
The first of the two Schubas shows was marked not only by the energy of the concertgoers, excited to dance around to their favorite Swedish rockers in such an intimate space, but also by the energy of Peter Bjorn And John themselves. Peter Morén jumped into the audience twice, and jumped into the air at least a dozen times. John Eriksson would often throw his sticks in the air or hit them against his drumkit so hard they would go flying off in various directions. Even the mostly stoic Bjorn Yttling walked up to, and played in the faces of, a group of beer guzzling, booty shaking girls who stood in the front row right between the stage and the venue’s exit.
Tomorrow Has to Wait
Move Me
Start to Melt
Breaker, Breaker
Teen Love (A Concretes Cover)
Black Book
Just the Past
Roll The Credits
Young Folks/Second Chance
All photos below by Annie Lesser
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