Photo by Alex Disenhof

Pepper Rabbit, the L.A.-based psych-pop duo, announced its break-up this past Friday. In a lengthy and heartfelt note on the band’s Facebook page, lead singer Xander Singh writes, “Pepper Rabbit will live on only in the realm of the two records and any live shows that have already been performed. There will be no more Pepper Rabbit records or shows.”
Throughout the note Singh gives praise to the band’s fans and supporters, while at the same time discussing how difficult it is to be an artist in today’s economic climate, echoing the sentiments of many young bands struggling to make ends meet. “It’s very hard to be an ‘indie band’ these days,” writes Singh. “You spend 100 percent of your time trying to get the band to another level, 75 percent of the time on tour losing money and the rest of your time in either complete elation or complete doubt.”
In a separate note posted by fellow band member Luc Laurent, the drummer thanked the band’s fans. He also announced that though this is the end of Pepper Rabbit, he will be playing drums with the art-pop band Islands during its tour this spring. Like Singh, Laurent noted the monetary hardships of playing independent music, but he hasn’t given up hope. “There really isn’t much wealth to be had in indie music,” writes Laurent, “but there is a wealth of incredibly kind and talented musicians and fans.”
The pair leaves behind two full-length albums, including 2011’s Red Velvet Snow Ball, which CMJ deemed “haunting and charming” upon its release back in August. You can check out one of the band’s most emotional and most popular songs, “Older Brother,” below: