Passion Pit - Photo by Annie Lesser

Passion Pit – Photo by Annie Lesser

Thanks to Passion Pit, the Greek Theater was bursting at the walls last Friday night. Lead singer Michael Angelakos jumped around on stage with as much or more vibrance as the band’s upbeat indie synth songs. He was in one of those zones where, even four, five songs into their set he was still exclaiming that he can’t believe Passion Pit was playing The Greek!
For those who don’t know, the Greek Theater is an outdoor music ampitheater in the midst of Los Angele’s Griffith Park. Surrounded by trees and filled with the brisk autumnal evening air (well, as “brisk” as L.A. can get), people danced to stay warm. During I’ll Be Alright, the band’s light show stepped it up with white laser beams breaking through the dark night and into the crowd just as the band then cut into Take a Walk. Finishing up that song, Angelakos exclaimed, “Fuck! Who would have thought that song’d play on the radio?!”
As the band finished its initial set with Sleepyhead, the smell of marijuana (obviously medicinal) wafted within the song’s start. For an encore the band played Moth’s Wings and an even more well received Little Secrets. By the end of the show, Angelakos was so whipped into a frenzy that he lifted his whole keyboard and the deck it was on and smashed it to the ground, Pete Townshend-style.
Photos by Annie Lesser.
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