It appears as though experimental producer and DJ Pantha Du Prince’s Black Noise was just the calm before the remix, as he will release a collection of reworkings of his tracks on April 19 through Rough Trade. The album, XI Versions Of Black Noise, features new renditions of the original tracks as well as Pantha Du Prince’s own recreation of “Lay In A Shimmer.”

With Animal Collective, Moritz Von Oswald, Four Tet, and Hieroglyphic Beingproducing their takes on the primarily instrumental 2010 techno album, the new release contains 11 tracks of remixes from five of Pantha Du Prince’s original songs. In addition to the new mixes, the DJ is working on a audiovisual art installation in Berlin as well as a ‘dance work’.

A new live presentation of Pantha Du Prince’s work will premiere later this year, utilizing lighting and visuals elements to accompany the music.

Tracklist For XI Versions Of Black Noise:

01. Welt Am Draht (Moritz Von Oswald The One Remix)

02. Welt Am Draht (Die Vögel Remix)

03. Stick To My Side (Lawrence Remix)

04. Stick To My Side (Four Tet Remix)

05. A Nomad’s Retreat (The Sight Below Remix)

06. Stick To My Side (Efdemin Remix)

07. Satellite Sniper (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)

08. Stick To My Side (Carsten Jost Remix)

09. Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix)

10. Lay In A Shimmer (Pantha Du Prince Fata Morgana Remix)

11. Stick To My Side (Walls Remix)