Photo by Katie Chow

Moderator: Dean Cramer, President at Kings of A&R
Panelists: Adam Herzog – VP of A&R, Warner Bros. Records
Ron Perry – Head of A&R, SONGS Music Publishing
Mike Spinella – Director of Industry Relations, Rolling Stone
Amanda McIntyre-Chavis – CEO, LegendFactory/EMI North America
The Big Question: This panel explored the limitations and barriers faced by up-and-coming artists, focusing on three main topics: radio, songs, and technology.
The Big Answer(s): “Collaborate with people. 100% of people on the radio these days are collaborating. Even the Rolling Stones are collaborating. Nobody writes anything entirely alone anymore.” – Ron Perry
“You need to be on a major network site: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, but make sure it all flows.” – Amanda McIntyre-Chavis
“Most singers I come across believe they’re going to be the next John Lennon. You could be the barrier right there.” –Dean Cramer
The Bottom Line: Breaking into the music world is a difficult challenge for up-and-coming artists. For those planning to make it as a musician, it will require a lot of extra pushing and shoving to even get a space to breathe. “You’re going to get rejected a bunch. Better grow some thick skin.” – Amanda McIntyre-Chavis
Best One-Liner: “Focus groups seems staunch and corporate. Isn’t there a rumor that Ludacris tests his record in Atlanta strip clubs.” – Adam Herzog
Most Cynical Remark: “‘Good Time.’ It’s a terrible song but it’s a one-listen song.” – Ron Perry
# Of Up-And-Coming Artists Selling Themselves to the Panelists: 4
# Of Times Someone Mentioned PSY: 3
# Of Times Someone Said “Singer-Songwriter”: 63