Moderator: Jimmy Landry – Artist Relationship Manager, Cakewalk/Roland
Panelists: Johnny Juice – Producer/Engineer, Public Enemy/Bomb Squad/SLAMjamz
Mario J. McNulty – Producer/Engineer, JDMI Management
Eliud Ortiz – Producer/Engineer, Mixeng Productions
Chris Shaw – Producer/Engineer/Owner, If & When Ltd.
The Big Question: This panel discussed mixing and mastering completely “inside the box” or digitally. The panelists talked about tips and tricks they use as well as specific programs and plug-ins.
The Big Answer(s): “People don’t really understand how to send [me] things correctly, so I just tell them to send whatever they have and I’ll figure it out. So I have a copy of everything, you have no choice – anything to get the job done, I don’t care.” – Eluid Ortiz on programs he uses.
The Bottom Line: “Wait until you get paid to send all your masters and Pro Tools sessions.” – Chris Shaw
Best One-Liner: “I re-do their music and then I charge them for it” – Johnny Juice
“There’s nothing more rock n’ roll than a straight up delay.” – Chris Shaw
Best Piece Of Advice: “Always ‘save as,’ label your files, and be as organized as possible.” – Mario J McNulty
Darkest Prediction: “Honestly, most of you won’t be doing this next year. We’ve all wanted to quit more than once” – Eluid Ortiz
# Of Panelists With Shaved Heads: 3
# Of Times the Phrase “In The Box” Was Used: 9
# Of Times Sound Effects Were Used Instead of Words: 6