Photo by Adam Mautner

Moderator: Robert Singerman

Panelists: Richard Gottehrer – The Orchard
Michael Goldstone – Mom + Pop

The Big Question: How do you create changes in the new music industry?

The Big Answer: Be at a place where technology triggers changes. Always think in advance. Technology is challenging but should always be embraced. For artists it is important to interact with their audience personally though the latest technology.

The Bottom Line: It is a transitional time in the music industry. It is all transparent now. Things can happen instantaneously when releasing music. The Internet is not country specific and technology allows people to embrace and discover. To survive as a record company you need to think about the whole package, not just selling music. However, it does always come down to the talent. It is all talent and hustle.

Best One Liner: “If I get drunk enough from Vitamin Water I will sing it later” – Richard Gottehrer on a song he wrote for Jerry Lewis.

Best Piece Of Advice: Participate for today but live for tomorrow.

Darkest Prediction: You can’t fight technology. It can become a problem to monetize.

# of times Psy’s “Gangnam Style” came up when talking about YouTube: 5
# of times Deezer was mentioned: 4
# of times Metric and some guy named Jimmy were mentioned: 4
# of people who took their shoes off: 1
# of panelists wearing awesome nail polish: 1