Moderator: Bruce Mackenzie – Vice President, Greenlight Music
Panelists: Kavi Ohri – Director of Music Dealers, East Coast Operations
Julie Potash – Musician, Hesta Prynn
Richard Stumpf – President, Imagem Music
Ryan Wines – Co-founder, Marmoset Music
The Big Question: This panel covered how to land a major brand placement in a commercial, television show or movie and why its so valuable for upcoming musicians.
The Big Answer(s): “Write songs in a major key, write songs with an uplifting message… Hustle! Write fan letters… Team up with good people.” – Julie Potash
“Build real relationships.” – Ryan Wines
“Be flexible and open minded.” – Kavi Ohri
The Bottom Line: “We work with artists that are unsigned. Maybe a couple of rungs down the ladder, if you will, that are climbing the ladder. For a lot of those artists there are opportunities to license music… maybe a digital spot, a regional spot, a broadcast spot even if it doesn’t sell a lot of records, because a lot of those opportunities honestly don’t—it can help from a financial standpoint. It can help you have a budget to make your next record. It can help fund your next tour.” -Ryan Wines
Interesting Point: “Think about this: you do a toy [commercial] and you’ll have a fan from cradle to grave.” – Bruce Mackenzie
# Of Panelists Wearing Button Down Shirts: 5 (unanimous)
# Of Panelists Wearing the Color Blue: 5 (unanimous)
# Of Times Someone Said “Hustle”: 36
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