Moderator: Benjamin Wagner – Senior Vice President, MTV News
Panelists: Maura Johnston – Freelance Writer
Jessica Robertson – Director Of Content, MTV Hive
Bill Werde – Editorial Director, Billboard
Caryn Ganz – Editor-In-Chief Online, Spin
Big Question: Music Journalism Exploded was a panel about how to stay on top in the reporting world and maintain readership in the digital era.
Big Answers: “With regards to metrics it’s really important to have a smartly built website.” – Maura Johnston
“Finding any way into a place you want to work in is important.” – Caryn Ganz
“We’ve mentioned the words ‘Integrated Content’ a lot. Brands are really interested in being in the editorial business. They want it to be a Pepsi thing, but they want you to think it’s a cool Sleigh Bells thing. And there are actually a lot of opportunities writing for those kinds of things. It might not be your complete dream, but you’re writing and you’re actually getting paid.” – Caryn Ganz
What To Avoid: “If you look at your RSS Feed on a given day, you’ll see the exact same headline 30 times, and that’s how you know everybody’s doing it wrong.” – Caryn Ganz
“Re-reportage in its worst form really just results in the same things being said over and over and over again and the conversation narrowing in this really harmful way.” – Maura Johnston
On Getting Hired: “What I’m looking for is a general intelligence and a relentless resourcefulness—because you can’t teach that, really.” – Bill Werde
Bottom Line: “[Our] job is to grow traffic—ultimately to grow revenue” – Bill Werde
Keywords: Traffic. Social Media. Integrated Content. Metrics/Uniques. Integrated Branding Opportunity. Re-reportage. Search Engine Optimization. Buzz.
Best Quotes: “Artists still have money whereas most social media companies don’t.” – Bill Werde
[On re-reportage] “This is a free-for-all, except you need to answer in haiku.” – Benjamin Wagner
[At Spin Mag] “The joke every day was ‘We’re going out of business!'” – Caryn Ganz
[On starting out in music journalism] “I just wanted to get into nightclubs for free—that’s the goddamn truth.” – Bill Werde
# Of Panelists Wearing Leather Jackets: 2
# Of Panelists Wearing Glasses: 2
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