Photo by Adam Mautner

Moderator: Fiona Bloom – Founder, The Bloom Effect

Panelists: Marie Alicia-Chang – Co-founder of Musicmetric
Tom Greiter – US Ambassador for Mobile Backstage
Carl Jacobson – Director of Strategic Marketing for PreSonus & VP of Marketing for Nimbit
DJ Uno – Pop Shuvit (Replacing Teff)

Big Question: How can artists utilize social media to connect with their fans globally?

Big Answers: “The internet has been our best friend” – DJ Uno
“Whoever had the most plays on soundcloud had the most fans on Facebook” – Marie Alicia-Chang
“In Europe, music has gotten really popular on Spotify” – Carl Jacobson
“Mobile is bigger outside of the US, in some markets they are only using their phones to connect” – Carl Jacobson

The Bottom Line: “The smartphone is our life, our livelihood, our veins” – Fiona Bloom

Interesting idea: “Treat your fans as rockstars” – Fiona Bloom
The idea is that if you make your fans feel special, they will be more likely to promote your music.

# of panelists with foreign accents: 4
# of times “social media” was mentioned: 32