Moderator: Miz Metro – CEO/Creative Director, The City Firm Inc./Miz Metro Media LLC
Panelists: Joe Ahearn – Managing Director, Showpaper
Oliver “Power” Grant – Co-founder, WuTang Productions
Keith Shocklee – President, Keith Shocklee Productions
NewVillager – Artist, NewVillager

The Big Question: This panel discussed the current relationship between galleries and the music industry as well as what the future might hold for these two separately-perceived industries.
The Big Answer(s): “I used to go to galleries and just see pictures. Now there’s music, at galleries and everywhere.” – Keith Shocklee
“There is pressure [for galleries] to create a product for the 1%, but they should give to the 99% as well. Aim for the 100%.” – Miz Metro
“Originally, the income methods for these two systems were musicians tried to sell lots of units, while galleries searched for investors and collectors, or funding from the government. As the economy declined and the foundation for funding decreases, the methodology of music and galleries for gaining income swaped. Galleries began trying to sell more units of a product and musicians would look for a sort of investor.” –Joe Ahearn
The Bottom Line: “You’re going to see galleries releasing music in the next 5 years. That’s my opinion.” – Miz Metro
Best One-Liner: “Goldfrapp is just as big as Beyoncé.” – Keith Shocklee
Best Piece Of Advice: “Capitalist companies who realize art and music aren’t separate entities, they’re gonna win!” –Oliver “Power” Grant
# of Times the word “Bourgeois” was said: 1
# of Times symbolism was discussed: 3
All photos by Adanne Osefoh.
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