Moderator: Steven Corn, CEO of BFM Digital
Panelists: Jason Herskowitz – Head Of Platform Development, Official.FM
Brian Durant – Manager of Data Management, The Harry Fox Agency
Sujan Hong-Raphael – Director Of Label Relations, eMusic
Jason Rudolph – Artist Manager, Strong Management
The Big Question: What can you do as an artist, label, or distributor, to leverage metadata to maximize searchability and profit?
The Big Answer(s): “You have to think of these data sets as kind of like your Social Security Number—never lose it, never give it away, memorize it. The slightest variation is going to create a duplicate field when you search an artist on a database like eMusic.” -Sujan Hong-Raphael
“It starts with [the manager] and the artist making sure they have everything correct. Each level, from the artist to the distributor, has to do its homework to make sure everything is as uniform as possible.” -Jason Rudolph
The Bottom Line: Something as small as interchanging an ampersand and the word “and” can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties, because the money due to you gets rerouted to an account under a very slightly different way.
# of times the phrase “ISRC” was said: at least 21
Sub-genres that were mentioned: “folktronica” “moombahcore” “crabcore”
# of ways there are to spell the band name Guns N Roses, according to Jason Herskowitz: 12