Moderator: Roi Hernandez, A&M/Octone Records
Panelists: Rob Principe, Scratch Music Group, co-founder of Scratch DJ Academy
Jamieson Hill, A Jamieson Hill Experience
Mia Moretti, DJ
William Tramontozzi, DJ JS-1 of the Rock Steady Crew, Ground Original
The Big Question: The panelists explored how to make a name and steady career out of being a DJ and what is expected of a working DJ.
The Big Answer(s): “You might not like whatever social media network that’s out there, but it’s so useful, and it’s something that you can do so easy. That is huge. It’s really, really important.” – Roi Hernandez
“The more relevant you keep yourselves online and offline the better.” – Rob Principe
“You have to physically be there—you have to be the crazy guy who’s there nonstop, 24/7. Everything I ever got was from me showing up and not sleeping. I haven’t slept since ’94.” – William Tramontozzi
The Bottom Line: “You have to do what DJs are meant to do, which is interpret music and distill it down to something meaningful, then add your creative flare to it. You’re a kind of filter.” – Rob Principe
“When you start to get people to show up just because you’re there, you’re the reason that people are coming to buy that ticket, that’s when everything changes. You can start making money at it, and you can start doing what you want and you feel. You just have to do what you feel.” – William Tramontozzi
Quotes that made DJ JS-1 raise his eyebrows disapprovingly: “I might not have the technical skills as JS-1 over here, but I could press a lot more buttons than him, and I have fun with it. I grew up in the video game age, and we sat and just pressed buttons all day, so pressing buttons is second nature by now. What’s wrong with that?” – Jamieson Hill
“It’s about audience expectations—as long as you’re being honest about [the techniques you use to DJ], it’s OK.” – Rob Principe
“It all comes down to experience and exposure to different forms of DJing. For button pushers, it takes hours of pre-preparation to make sure when you’re pushing a button, it does what you want.” – Jamieson Hill
Best Zingers: “A Rock Steady DJ doesn’t play the Ellen show in a dress.” – William Tramontozzi
“There’s a reason A-Track stopped DJing for Kanye—’cause DJs don’t want to be a stage prop.” – William Tramontozzi
“Please don’t do the bulk download where you ask your friend for their harddrive and get a dump of 100-200 songs at once. Appreciate each piece of art that you have and try to get the most out of it that you can.” – Mia Moretti
# of female panelists: 1
# of times trap was mentioned: 1
# of times dubstep was mentioned: At least 3